API Release 2020-04.101

Wattsense is pleased to announce the general availability of the Wattsense REST API version 2020-04.101 on 2020-04-09T13:00:00Z. This version is a first step in giving the developers access to the Gateway Interfaces on the Box, the ability to use the scheduling function on supported equipment easily, and allow users to get the device subscriptions information.

Gateway Interfaces (preview)

In addition to Equipment management, this release introduces a new entity in the configuration. The Gateway Interface introduces two new protocols

  • BACnet IP Gateway (protocol = BACNET_IP_GATEWAY): creates a new BACnet IP server, that you can use to make the Wattsense Box act as a BACnet server.
  • Plugins (protocol = PLUGIN_GATEWAY): the plugins will allow you to use the box as an edge computing device.

In the release 2020-04.102, we introduce a third protocol MQTT Gateway to allow you to connect the Box to your MQTT broker.

Scheduling (preview)

This new version of the API lets the developer use a common json format to set schedules rather than sending raw data to the equipment. For the moment, only the Atlantic Navipass equipment is supported. We plan to add BACnet scheduling support in the version 2020-04.110. Many more to come.

Subscription Information

Each device has its subscription information available over the API. The pricing and the limits of each rate plan are implemented starting from this release. This implies that the developer is informed when the configuration is over the limit of the subscription and is invited to contact wattsense to upgrade the rate plan.

In this release, the subscription is for information purpose; the user will not be able to change it after it has been selected during the activation of the device. In future releases, we will provide APIs to subscribe for new add-ons and to suspend the subscription for a period of time.

Other changes

  • Getting properties values will now give the tags along with the values:
          "deviceId": "my-device",
          "name": "temperature",
          "payload": 30,
          "property": "property-id",
          "tags": {
              "floor": "1"
          "timestamp": 1586426042918
    To configure the tags, one has to use the configuration API and set the tags at the corresponding property. In a future release, we will make it possible to inherit tags from the equipment
  • Add LOCAL only properties. When combined with Gateway Interfaces, this will allow redirecting data from one property to another property without sending data to Wattsense. To make the redirection possible, we added a field redirectToProperties that is used to send data to the target properties (see documentation).
  • Limiting the number of BACnet networks on the same Box. Due to a limitation on the embedded stack, we added a temporary restriction on the number of BACnet networks/gateway interfaces in the same Box. Therefore, one can create only one network or gateway interface that uses the BACnet protocol.