Experiencing mobile connectivity disconnection

Wattsense always helps customers to obtain the best mobile connectivity by monitoring and identifying issues at very earlier stage. However disconnection sometimes takes place because the mobile connection fades.

At Wattsense our customers’ data delivery is a priority.

Our solution is designed to overcome such situations when the Box can’t upload data to the server. There are mechanisms in place to retain data (300K measurements) during that blackout period and send the data to the server when communication is reestablished.

In the case the disconnection is extended for more than a day, please follow this procedure:

  1. Do not reboot or switch off the Box
  2. Contact your support representative at Wattsense by writing at support@wattsense.com

Step 1 is very important to avoid losing data.

Wattsense will get in touch with you right away and investigate the root cause.

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