How to register the Wattsense Box in a Loytec L-IP configured server

This topic explains how to register the Wattsense Box into the Loytec L-IP configured server.

Before registering the Box, make sure a static IP address is assigned to the Box.

  1. Log in into the L-IP using the Internet Explorer browser and its IP address
    e.g., http://192.168.1.xx

  2. Go to Config and a login password will be requested.

  • Newer L-IP version: Username = Admin and Password = loytec4u
  • Older L-IP version: Username = Administrator and Password = admin
  1. Check if the L-IP is configured as a server. Go to CEA-852 Server, and the configured server status should be enabled.

  2. Add the Wattsense Box to the channel list.

  • Go to CEA-852 Ch.List.
  • Click Add Device.
  • Enter the static IP address of the Wattsense Box and the configuration client port used by the L-IP.
  • Select the Box using the checkbox and Select Enable in the Action on Selected and Execute.
  • If the Box is registered correctly on the L-IP, a green tick appears.

5. Log out.

Note: Some browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla might fail to open the web interface. The login page should appear every time you click on a section. If not, use the Internet Explorer browser instead.