Troubleshooting LON IP network with the Wattsense box

This topic will give tips for troubleshooting a LON IP setup:

  1. Make sure the Wattsense Box has a static IP address configured.
    Go to Configuration -> Connectors (select the appropriate ethernet port)
  2. Connect to the LON configured server and check the IP address of the Box is registered to it. (e.g., see How to register the Wattsense Box in a Loytec L-IP configured server)
  3. The port number MUST match the one set up in the configured server of the LON router (e.g., L-IP).
  4. Check the domain ID and subnet ID correspond to the ones used by the backbone channel (i.e. main ethernet channel).
  • Backbone channel
  1. Check the Node Id of the Box is unique on that specific subnet
  2. If all the above checked were made:
  • Add the equipment and a LON variable

  • Send the configuration to the Box